Marquise Solitaire Rainbow Moonstone Wildflower Silver  Bridal Engagement Ring

Marquise Solitaire Rainbow Moonstone Wildflower Silver Bridal Engagement Ring

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This unique Marquise Rainbow Moonstone Wildflower Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver features a sparkling faceted Marquise-cut Rainbow Moonstone, set in an unusual East-West mounting, that measures 8 mm x 4 mm (approximately 0.47 carat) and is clear, with few visible flaws, and bright flashes in blue and blue-green. The stone is set in a vintage-inspired scroll mounting with heavy V-shaped prongs to protect the ends of the stone, and six prongs for security. This unusual mounting features filigree detailing below the stone that is a perfect compliment for the band.

The Sterling Silver band features a raised pattern of wildflowers, in the style of the metal-work that was done in Florence, Italy. Wildflowers are a beautiful symbol of growth and new beginnings, and this band seems an especially appropriate symbol for a wedding! Our Wildflower pattern band measures approximately 4.5 mm (approximately .2 inches) wide. The inside of the band has been smoothed and curved for comfortable wear. It is wide enough for our Inside Ring Engraving.

Legend has it that the creation of the Marquise cut is credited to King Louis XV of France, who commissioned his court jeweler to create a diamond cut to reflect the beautiful shape of the mouth of his friend and long-time mistress, the Marquise Madame de Pompadour, in the 1750's. Because of their long, narrow shape, marquise cuts are often credited for making a finger appear longer and more slender. This historical cut, once worn by the French Court, has seen a resurgence in popularity in both new and vintage jewelry.