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This lovely wedding band set features a wide Sterling Silver Wildflower band with deeply embossed patterning, a narrow textured band that has a bright sparkle, and an Art Deco style organic pattern band. This three band set is a perfect symbol for blended families who are making pledges not only to new spouses, but also to the children who will soon hold a special place in their lives! We are happy to create this three-band Wedding Set for you in a variety of Ring Sizes and finish options.

For the Widest Band:

This Sterling Silver band features a raised pattern of wildflowers, in the style of the metal-work that was done in Florence, Italy. Wildflowers are a beautiful symbol of growth and new beginnings, and this band seems an especially appropriate symbol for a wedding! The band measures approximately 4.5 mm wide and the inside has been smoothed and curved for comfortable wear. It is wide enough for our Inside Ring Engraving.

For the Medium Band:

This delightful Sterling Silver band's detailing wouldn't look out of place on the Art Deco style buildings in Asheville, NC where I used to teach. I love the imagery of organic growth for wedding bands - it speaks of the promise that these ceremonies celebrate! This Sterling Silver band has a width of approximately 2.5 mm, and has been gently curved and smoothed on the inside for comfortable wear. The band is wide enough for our Inside Ring Engraving Service, and we recommend the block style! You can find our engraving service here:

For the Narrow Band:

The narrow band in this set measures 1.5 mm. This round wire band is heavily textured, and comes in your choice of finish - Antiqued Dark, Polished Bright, or Satin Matte. The deep pattern on this band sparkles, and it adds to any set it is paired with!

  • Materials - Sterling Silver Pattern Wire
  • Finish - Antiqued Dark, Brightly Polished, Satin Matte
  • Dimensions - WIldflowers Band: Width - 4.5mm (approx. 0.17 in), Faceted Diamond: Width - 1 mm (approx. 0.04), Leaf and Crescent: Width - 2 mm (approx. 0.08 in)
  • Handmade in Greer, SC, USA

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