10 Best Loved Designs Under $30

Need holiday gift ideas?

The holiday season has finally arrived, and like a lot of us, you may be scrambling to finish your gift shopping in a timely manner. Here's 10 of our most popular jewelry gift ideas for under $30, perfect for family White Elephant gift exchanges, workplace Secret Santas, or stocking stuffers!

Tiny Stud Earrings

These tiny daisy stud earrings are made of sterling silver and are perfect for anyone who loves floral jewelry and dainty pieces! At a 4 mm size, they're wonderful for second hole piercings.

Blue Opal Copper Ring

A lot of people love the color of copper and blue opals, and the two together makes a striking combination! This ring is perfect as a birthstone or promise ring.

Love this ring and think it would make a perfect gift? You can find it here.

Minimalist Midi Ring

This sterling silver minimalist band makes a wonderful midi or knuckle ring! It's available in a full range of sizes from US 2 to 16, so even if you want to wear it as a regular band, we've got you covered.

Silver Stacking Bands

Prefer silver jewelry? These sterling silver hammered bands are also perfect for stacking. You can mix and match with any of our gemstone stacking rings, or the copper version if you love mixed metal!

Love these bands? You can find them here.

Daisy Chain Ring

Another daisy-themed piece, we know, but who doesn't love these cheerful flowers? This band is perfect to wear on it's own, or with a gemstone stacking ring, and is the perfect dainty boho touch to your day!

Niobium Hoop Earrings

These tiny hoop earrings are a marvel in many ways! First, niobium is a hypoallergenic metal, making these perfect for anyone with metal sensitivities. Second, they come in a veritable rainbow of colors and third, they're easy to wear!

Love these earrings and want to create your own rainbow collection? You can find them here.

Copper Stacking Bands

Who doesn't love stacking rings? You can select your preferred number of bands to customize your set!

Love these bands and think they would be a perfect gift? You can find them here.

Dainty Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Know someone who loves rainbow moonstone? This dainty ring features a lovely 4 mm rainbow moonstone cabochon that will brighten anyone's day! It also pairs well with the silver stacking bands!

Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings

Another dainty floral favorite, these Cherry Blossom stud earrings are perfect for everyday wear! They're also the perfect size for second hole piercings and are a wonderful understated accent.

Love these earrings? You can find them here.

Tiny Blue Topaz Ring

Last but not least is this dainty blue topaz stacking ring! It's a perfect birthstone ring, or gift for anyone who just really loves the color blue.

If you'd like to see other gift suggestions for under $30, check out our Guide to Gifts Under $30 board on Pinterest!

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