Additional Services

Are you going on vacation? Need a break from running your Etsy shop? Want more time to feed that creative spark? 
We are experienced Etsy store owners, and are happy to help you get back to making the art you love!


Would need basic FAQ and use previous correspondence as reference. Collect questions that need input into 1 email/day

  • Small: 5 or less messages per day                                            $5/week
  • Medium: 6-10 messages/day                                                 $10/week
  • Large: 11-20 messages/day                                                   $15/week
  • XL: 21+ messages/day                                                   pricing variable


Includes product, title, & tag research, and description editing. Bulk pricing for listings available.

  • New Listings (with photos provided)                                          $15/listing
  • Improve Listings                                                                      $10/listing

Social Media

Respond to messages/comments

  • 1x per week                                                                            $5/week
  • 3x per week                                                                          $10/week
  • Daily                                                                                     $15/week

Post Social Media

  • 2 Portals - 10 or less posts                                                      $10/month
  • 2 Portals - 11+ posts                                                              $20/month
  • 3 Portals                                                                         pricing variable

Create Social Media Content                                                            $5/piece

Monthly Update


  • Change shop announcements
  • Change featured items
  • Update/set sale

Order Fulfillment

Includes shipping order using your Etsy account, confirming order at time of purchase & follow up after delivery.

  • Your Packaging                                                                         $3/order
  • Our Packaging                                                                          $5/order



Photography services available with award-winning, published photographer Kelly Hazel. Please contact us for further information.