About Us


I'm Gena, the head metal bender and jewelry addict here at Moonkist Designs. I started Moonkist Designs on Etsy in 2010. It was my introverted answer to selling jewelry - I've always done well one-on-one with people, but find craft shows exhausting and overwhelming.

Little did I know how much Moonkist Designs was going to have to teach me. As my little store grew month by month, I figured out the things that I was good at, the things I could become good at, and the things that I just frankly needed help to manage. I started to develop the idea of Moonkist as a real business, rather than a hobby business.

It took a long time. A lot of really late nights and even longer weekends. And a LOT of help from friends who were willing to get their hands dirty while helping me chase my dreams, but in May of 2014, I left my day job to work on pursuing Moonkist full time.

Today, Moonkist has grown a lot. We have two sets of hands at the benches now: mine and Jennie's, because it has gotten too busy for me to do it all. We have Kira, an expert artist herder, who helps with customer service during the week. Tyler helps me with photography, listings, and social media. Pat, my neighbor, provides backup help when we get swamped. And Duncan, the son of one of my friends from the beginning, helps me with inventory and shipping.

If you have a moment, visit with us: Click here to see our Studio Video!

We still make everything by hand. We still laugh a lot. We still invite anyone in the area to come hang out with us and the dogs if they would like to stop by. But most importantly? Everyone here loves coming to work. And half the time, we hang around after quitting time running our mouths and planning how we will do better tomorrow.

If you would like a quick view of our process: Click here to see our Maker's Video!

Moonkist Designs is our own little slice of heaven, and as always, I sincerely thank you for the help in getting this far!