Oval Engagement Ring Set with Vine Band - Sterling Silver Rainbow Solitaire Wedding Ring Set - Botanical Bridal Set - Diamond Alternative


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This beautiful Oval Classic Solitaire and Tendril and Vine Wedding Band Bridal Set in Sterling Silver features a brilliant faceted 7 mm x 5 mm Oval gemstone weighing approximately .75 carats. This ring has a brightly polished finish and is a wonderful compliment to the accompanying nature-inspired patterned band. The ring shown in this picture features a lovely faceted Opalescent Topaz, but it can be created with your choice of the stones shown above.

The Sterling Silver solitaire is fitted into a specially-carved notch in our Sterling Silver Tendril and Vine band, which helps the two rings sit together comfortably and wear easily. This beautiful Sterling Silver pattern band measures 3 mm (approx. 0.1 in) wide and is embossed with a nature-inspired floral motif. The inside of the band has been smoothed for a comfortable fit, and is gently curved for comfortable wear. This ring is wide enough for our personalized ring engraving, available here:

The curling tendril and curving vine is a theme repeated over and over in Celtic art. Interconnections and winding vines are commonly seen on tapestries, writings, knot work and carvings. These have been thought to symbolize connection, eternity, and branching and expanding in new directions, which I think is a pretty wonderful idea to bring into your life!

  • Materials - Sterling Sterling 6 Prong Mount, Sterling Silver Pattern Band, 7 mm x 5 mm Choice of Stone
  • Finish - Antiqued Dark, Brightly Polished, Satin Matte
  • Dimensions - Ring: Bottom - 1.2 mm (approx. 0.1 in), Widest at the Top 8.2 mm (approx. 0.3 in), with Band: Width - 5 mm (approx. 0.2 in)
  • Handmade in Greer, SC, USA

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