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These 10 mm (approx. 3/8") Niobium Hoop Earrings are made by hand in our studio. Niobium is a chemical element that is inert, and makes wonderful hypoallergenic jewelry. Niobium jewelry is often used for piercings. Anodizing niobium with electricity changes the color of this metal from dark grey to a rainbow of bright colors.

These Niobium Hoops are made by winding 1/2 hard 18 gauge (1.024 mm) round niobium wire on a mandrel. They are given a catch loop, filed and polished. This style of earring is sometimes referred to as a "sleeper" hoop. Sleeper hoops are small and don't catch as much as post earrings.

Please allow for some handmade variation. These are light and comfortable to wear. I sell them by the pair. Please select the color(s) for both your pairs.

  • Material - Niobium wire
  • Finish - Brightly Polished
  • Dimensions - 10 mm in diameter
  • Handmade in Greer, SC, USA