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These petite, brightly polished stud earrings feature lovely 6 mm Labradorite cabochons, handset in Sterling Silver bezels. These bezels are firmly soldered to Sterling Silver posts and tumble polished for hours to a high shine. The posts on these earrings are 13 mm (.5 inches) long, and Sterling Silver clutch backs are included with your purchase. Great for everyday wear.

The naturally dark background is the perfect backdrop for the rainbow of colors that flash across its surface. Stones can show colors of blue, green, red and orange, but the colors change depending on the light in the room and the angle your ring sits on your hand. Due to the nature of Labradorite, individual pieces vary in color, (and the same piece may look different in different lighting!) but I make a special effort to select pieces that have a lot of sheen, color play, and depth.

The Inuit people say that Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. This ordinary stone transformed into an extraordinary, bright mystical light and then became solid. Labradorite was used in healings by shamans and healers for generations. It is thought by some that it helps those seeking knowledge and guidance to find answers.

We are happy to create these earrings for you in a wide range of finish options. We also offer these earrings in a variety of different stone options, available here:

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  • Materials - Sterling Silver Wire, Sterling Silver Sheet, 6 mm Round Cabochon
  • Finish - Antiqued Dark, Brightly Polished, or Satin Matte
  • Dimensions - Cabochons measure 6 mm in diameter, Stud posts are 13 mm long in a 20 gauge wire.
  • Handmade in Greer, SC, USA